Cinque Terre Marriage Proposal

Cinque Terre engagement photographer

When documenting your marriage proposal in the Cinque Terre, it is important to know that thousands of tourists visit the Cinque Terre every day. It is best to hire a professional photographer who has in-depth knowledge of the Cinque Terre to document your marriage proposal.

How can I surprise my partner and document the proposal at the same time by hiring a Cinque Terre photographer without compromising the “surprise effect” ? Contact us for more information. Our aim is to guide people step by step to surprise their partner (and thus preserve the surprise effect), in order to best document this precious moment.

Living in the Cinque Terre area allows us to know the area well and in this way we can be of help to people who want to immortalise such an important moment in their lives.

Getting married in the Cinque Terre’s is the dream of many people. It is important to plan your elopement/wedding with a professional photographer who knows the area well. We invite you to visit our wedding website to learn more:

“David is a true artist! If you have the opportunity to book a session with him, you’ll quickly understand why. If his accolades are not enough — award-winning filmmaker with true local knowledge of the area — make sure to browse some of his work through Lovvia Memories. Every photograph is absolutely stunning. I was lucky enough to have David help capture my surprise proposal in the beautiful town of Vernazza in Sept 2021. He made himself available at all times of the day to help coordinate, answer questions, and even monitor the weather leading up to the big day (we were expecting rain but got nice beautiful clouds) — even at odd times and delayed responses from me while traveling. David transformed us into models, placing us in some of the most scenic spots of this stretch of Italian Riviera. The experience as a whole doubled as a secret tour of Vernazza with all the spots he took us through. Like a true professional, David followed up with the edited photos crazy fast. My fiance and I loved how they turned out. We are so happy to have met David and hope to cross paths with him again. Do not hesitate to hire Lovvia Memories to capture your lovely memories in Cinque Terre. Cinque stella, grazie mille!” – Miguel & Yesenia

Is the Cinque Terre the right place to take photographs of your Italian experience? Write to us at email address for information about our services and availability.

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Cinque Terre marriage proposal

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