How to reach the Cinque Terre

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The nearest airports to Cinque Terre are the Pisa and Genoa airports. For those who have never been to Cinque Terre, it is good to know that the train is the best way to reach Cinque Terre and to move between the various villages.

You can optimise your trip to Cinque Terre by purchasing a Cinque Terre card. To discover all the advantages and to buy a Cinque Terre card, visit this website:

Trenitalia website for train timetables and ticket costs:


For those travelling by car it is advisable to park your car in a quieter village, such as Moneglia, and then take a train to visit the Cinque Terre. This option allows you to spend the days discovering the Cinque Terre and to rest in a less crowded, but equally suggestive and relaxing village.


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How to reach the Cinque Terre

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